New Orleans 24×12 Topographic Map


This wooden topographical map accurately displays the city of New Orleans and the surrounding Metro area in exquisite detail. It measures 22.5″ wide x 11″ tall x 7/8″ thick and is cut from seven separate pieces of high quality 1/8″ thick Baltic Birch plywood for the best grain achievable.
With each layer representing approximately 4 ft in elevation, the map was designed using actual data from Atlas: the Louisiana Statewide Geographic Information Service, provided by the LSU Department of Geography. This means each contour and road line is an accurate representation of the real city.
You’ll also notice words placed around the map. Each recognized neighborhood or locality, both official and unofficial (Westwego, Metairie, Uptown, etc.) is engraved on the map for people to see their hometown represented. Landmarks are marked as well including all the major universities in the area, the WWII museum, and the Superdome.
After being engraved and cut, each layer is positioned by hand and glued down with powerful wood glue to keep it in place. It is then brushed with several coats of shellac for a smooth and shiny finish deserving of any art collection.
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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 2 in

No Compass Rose, Only Roads, Personalized, Standard, Without Names