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Status Update and First Post

This marks my first blog post to this site. It is currently 16 February, 2016, 2:35 pm and I’m sitting in the Thingery working on math homework while I wait for the fourth layer of the first Ruston map to finishing on the laser. Things have been moving very slowly since I started this endeavor in early January of this year, which feels like forever ago. Since then I’ve completed three maps (the original New Orleans one, a map of LA Legislative District 89, and the Gretna Jubilee New Orleans map to be auctioned at the Gretna Jubilee, a gala put on jointly by my old elementary, middle, and high schools) and have made decent progress on a fourth, the Ruston one, but have yet to sell a single item. I’ve sunk well over $300 into this project, half of which was graciously supplied by my grandpa, Jim Beck, who funded this through his company, Beck Tech Support, and have not made any of it back to show that this is profitable yet.

However, things are definitely looking up. Just today I spoke with some people in the Thingery who might be interested in a laser-etched photo of their dog and possibly a map of Portland, Oregon. As soon as this Ruston map is finished, I’ll be showing it off to the owner of Parish Press Coffee and I hope to strike a deal with a personalized map of Ruston containing the Parish Press logo. I have also found out that Fine Line, the drafting and art supply store downtown, will host my products in store for people to buy directly and they just take a small commission from the sale. Both of these will be fantastic ways to get the word out, primarily around Ruston. Similarly, the Gretna Jubilee will be a phenomenal way to spread word of the maps back home in Gretna and the NO area. In the future, I look to have a booth at the Maker’s Fair this April in Ruston, hopefully have my maps displayed around Parish Press’s walls as an art display if I can make enough of them, and possibly have them displayed someplace back home too. With luck, I’ll be taking orders by the end of February, just in time for my girlfriend’s birthday in March.